Chore Division in My Home

via Chore Division in My Home

Read the results: Tracking our chores for one week.


Planning A Vacation

Read here about my experience planning a trip to the U.K. for the holidays!

Bibby and The Gretz

london_thames_sunset_panorama_-_feb_2008There’s an orchestra I have wanted to see perform since I was in my late high school years. Andre Rieu’s Johann Strauss Orchestra performs year-round in Europe, and this year is the year I’m finally going to see the orchestra perform live. I thank my parents for placing a high importance on travel when my sister and I were growing up. But gone are the days when our parents funded our travel. And so, my partner and I have been saving to travel to England over the holidays this year for the purpose of seeing this group.

I first pitched the idea to my partner last year as something we could do in December 2016. But at the time I suggested it, we had only two months to save. So when tour dates were released this March, I called my mother and father and ran the plan by them. Would…

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“Did ya nick it?”

The workplace, negotiating, and moving cities: all here on

Bibby and The Gretz

People move for different reasons, but with each move comes a chance to reinvent. Which is why I was so thrown off when, after starting my new job in a new city, my previous city followed me to my new one.

I don’t have the Boston accent I’m expected to have when I’m first introduced to people. That is for two reasons: 1.) I didn’t grow up in Boston proper and 2.) When I first meet people I am extremely out of my element. As an introvert, I would rather talk to a select few than meet new people each day. Sometimes nerves sneak up on my tongue and I end up speaking The Queen’s English, then have to back peddle that I am not, in fact, British.

I once watched a show called Miranda (which is British) and Miranda Hart says to her best gal pal: “You know when…

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What to do when you can’t negotiate?

Read The Gretz’s terrific reflections on negotiating with HR, or what to do if you are in a job where you can’t negotiate your salary.
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Bibby and The Gretz

What if you’re in a job where negotiating your offer really isn’t an option? Obviously this can be the case if you’re working at a big retail chain or a grocery store, where their wages are apologetically low and they’re not interested in negotiations. But it can also be the case for other reasons.

I recently signed a contract with my current job through December 2018. While I love this job and the people I work with, and I truly believe that my not-for-profit educational institution generally has the best interests of its employees at heart, still: the person looking out for me is me.

The reason I couldn’t negotiate is one that many people deal with every year but which is not typically considered in workplace advice columns: due to my immigration status, I don’t have much leverage. I’ll save the story of how I found this job for…

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So You Want to Move to Canada…

My amazing friend has imparted her wisdom born of experience into this How To Guide Blog. For those of you considering moving to Canada, read here!

Source: So You Want to Move to Canada…

Navigating Washington, D.C.

Read here to follow my initial thoughts about navigating Washington, D.C.!

Bibby and The Gretz

us-capitol-landmarks-at-dusk (left to right) Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and Capitol Building

1.) Make the decision to move.

I first began my love affair with this city in the summer of 2015. I was interning here, and a lot was happening. Then Secretary of State Kerry came back from Geneva with a broken femur and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The U.S. opened its Embassy in Havana. Campaign season was not yet in full swing.

It was a good time to be in the city and begin to firm up my D.Sea. legs. I learned quickly that the area was not as House of Cards and Scandal had portrayed it to be for women; I was not as well dressed as Claire Underwood nor Olivia Pope and I had the sexual prowess of neither.

I was not completely directionless; I knew I liked to write and I liked international affairs…

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Simmons World Challenge: Day 8 Reflections


We’re on the home stretch of World Challenge already! With two days left, the time is flying by. Today’s events included a lecture from psychology Professor Greg Feldman, and some work with Simmons College Radio. I appreciate all those who have followed this arduous journey. In the end, I truly believe sustainability and mindful or (conscious) consumption will pay off. Click below to read more!

Simmons World Challenge: Day 7 Reflections

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.50.47 PM

The more I learn about sustainability, the less I know. Read about a sustainable organization, the progress on my team’s blog dedicated to sustainability, and the world of collaborative consumption I am just now uncovering.

Simmons World Challenge: Day 6 Reflections

Don’t all jump up at once, but Day 6 Reflections are here! As an aside, a blog educating about sustainability from my Simmons World Challenge team is coming shortly.

Simmons World Challenge: Day 5 Reflections

photo 1 (1)

Read about the shocking impact of waste management and recycling at Casella. Also, read more about my team’s progress with Simmons World Challenge, below!