When in Rome…


Yesterday was our first day in Rome. After our six hour flight, there was a mix of exhaustion and excitement as we landed in Frankfurt, Germany. I thougt I might try out my two years of German on the locals, but something I learned quickly was: they can smell tourists a mile away. So as I mustered up the courage for “Guten tag,” they were already asking how our day was, etc… Much disappointment 😦

Later on, we borded a second flight that took only 1.5 hours, but wasn’t as comfortable. At one point Rachel asked me what “Lufthansa” meant in German, and I told her “big plane, no legroom.” (It might as well have been.)

When we landed at 9:00 am local time, jetlagged and all, we were picked up by a local who spoke no English whatsoever (that was interesting.) Now imagine a painter’s pallate with all the colors swirled together. That’s pretty much what we saw on our drive to Hotel Diplomat. At 150 km/hr, you don’t see much of an image, just a whole bunch of color.

The hotel was beautiful, but that elevator can test the least claustrophbic of types. It fits a maximum of 3 people, but I took the stairs. My goal: to ride that elevator at least once while here.

After a long awaited nap, we went for lunch. I got a salad with buffalo cheese and smoked salmon.

Usually I wouldn’t try this, but two things were going on here. 1.) When in Rome, do as the Romans do. 2.) They weren’t serving pizza til dinner.

Later on, we walked around, and poked our head into little shops (and got gelatto!) We also took tons of pictures at a piazza downtown. It was absolutely beautiful! There was a huge obelisk in the center- veryyy strange.

Afterwords, we grabbed pizza at a pizzeria (yumm!!!) It was exactly how you would expect homemade Italian pizza to be, only better!

Fact  of random knowledge: Don’t get up to ask for the check- you will get scolded as we did!

Well I think I’m gonna turn in for the night; it’s 10:30 here!



2 responses to “When in Rome…

  1. Hey Sweetie #2 – great post. Wish we were there with you. Niles and Maggie are still trying to figure out where you 2 are. ILU

  2. MANDI!!! im so glad ur having fuun!!!haha rachel on the plane! lol. keep us posted and call me sometime!!! i think u said ur going to venice so have fun there and have good weather kuz kenny and my dad didnt when they went. try not to get attacked by bugs like we are here!!! luv ya….bos beggin for the computer back….bye!!!!1

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