Musei Vaticani

I can’t really tell you what happened in Rome yesterday morning. Mainly because I was asleep for it. But once I woke up at 12:30 pm, we rushed to the Vatican Museum (Musei Vaticani) for our private tour at 1:30 pm, croissants and Gatorade in hand. A stifling 90 degrees, and we were going to be stuck in a museum all day. That may have been what it felt like, but the tour guide (Maria) was knowledgeable, and we learned things we had never known before, such as:


This statue of Apollo was presented to one of the earlier popes as an original Greek statue. Later it was proved to be a replica because Romans carved in marble, and Greeks used bronze. This statue is of course marble. 

Giant Pinecone

Giant Pinecone

This may look like a giant pinecone, and that’s pretty much what it is. But this isn’t just any giant pinecone…when St. Peter’s Basillica was destroyed in order to build a newer, better one, all of the works of art were destroyed, except for a few (like this one) which were salvaged.
Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

 And finally, the Sistine Chapel…very impressive. Michelangelo painted this all by hand, alone. The scaffloding he had to build and move himself, and the only light was by the few candles he’d lit. Needless to say, he did this begrudgingly.



Also: I learned the history of the obelisks. When Egypt was a part of the Roman Empire, the Romans had the obelisks sent over, or something like that.

Later on it was a search for Wi-Fi, and we thought we had hit gold, but no luck 😦 So we grabbed dinner and dessert (pasta, roast beef, and “Babbette” cake) It was soooooo good. Walking back to the hotel, we were amazed to learn that as the sky got darker, the crowd got larger, and not just teenagers. All ages were out and about at 11:00 pm! There was no rush to get back, and it was a nice liesurely walk through the streets of Rome. 

Well Dad’s talking Italian to a dog, and my tummy says it’s gelato time, so I guess it’s time to go! Signing off from the internet cafe that plays Michael Jackson music 24/7, ciao!


5 responses to “Musei Vaticani

  1. Sifu Pasquale

    Hi Miss. Bibbins,
    I love hearing about your trip! it’s so vivid I almost feel as though I am there too. I love hearing about the history and the food. I am sure every minute is an adventure. Good job on conquering the elevator – it does look a bit small.
    I look forward to reading your next adventure.

    Sifu Rita Rose Pasquale

  2. Awesome! Did the dog talk back? 🙂

  3. Hi Amanda! Great posts so far! Interesting note about the Italians coming out en masse after dark. I’ve also heard the meals there can be quite lengthy. Be prepared to sit and relaaaax. Hope you’ll carve out time for a geocache or 2 overseas. 😉 xoxo

  4. You have a gift. Can’t wait for more of your travel log. Laura was evicted. XO

  5. I kinda love being on vacation with you guys… thanks for this update!

    So did the dog talk back to your dad? What’s the Italian word for “Woof!”?

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