Reaching the End of Rome

Hello ice cream eaters! I have a new announcement: I have converted over to gelato. I think I’ll start a new religion about it 😉

Well after a delicious breakfast of croissants and juice, we headed off to the Colloseum. (And for those of you who read my last blog, no the dog did not respond to my dad’s attempts to make conversation.) The Colloseum was beautiful, along with the ancient ruins surrounding it. They’re doing many archaeological digs and excavations in that part of Rome, and I’d have to say it’s so far my favorite part of this trip.

The Colloseum

The Colloseum

Afterwords, we walked to the Spanish Steps (for lack of better modes of transportation.) They were huge, and after three days of nothing but walking, we didn’t have the energy to climb them to the top. Surprisingly, more people were congregated around the massive fountain in front of the steps as opposed to the steps themselves. There were lots of people sunbathing and relaxing.

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps

It’s truly amazing what you can see if you take a moment to relax. Something I’ve learned about Italy: the rush rush of American lifestyle is truly no way to experience life. I don’t know how I’ll be able to return to the packed schedule day-to-day; this feels very natural.

Sidenote: I conquered the elevator! All it took was a lot of willpower, and deep breaths in, out, in, out…

The Treacherous Elevator (about 2 feet wide)

The Treacherous Elevator (about 2 feet wide)

Oooh I hear fireworks in the distance! Not to mention we have an early day driving to Florence tomorrow, so I’ll write soon! Ciao!


6 responses to “Reaching the End of Rome

  1. Hey Mandi!!!! im so glad u r still having fun. i totally agree with the gelato religion, i will be ur associate pastor!!!! lol! plz check ur email kuz i sent u an email with news from home. cant wait for u to get back!
    Callie ❤

  2. nilesandmaggie

    We miss you…

  3. Hi Amanda,

    I am so glad you are having a good time in Rome! I agree with you, the Europeans are right about having a slower pace of life. It helps us to focus on the important things: friends, faith, family and delicious food. The unimportant stuff will hopefully drop away.

    So what has been your favorite site so far? Have you seen any Italian teenagers? (they are probably all on vacation at Disneyworld!)

    Take care, keep up the posting and the pictures!
    God Bless, Virginia

  4. P.S. Yea to conquering those fears. You go girl.

  5. Your post made me break out into song….Slow down you move too fast, you’ve got to make the morning last. Just kicking down the cobble stones, looking for fun and feeling …. XOXOXO

  6. Hey girlie!

    I can’t believe you’re in Italy! Glad to hear it suits you so well – taking in life around you rather than rushing through it is a good thing. Have so much fun, and keep describing the food!

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