Welcome to Firenze (Florence)!

Today had a rough start. Between saying goodbye to Roma and feeling a bit under the weather, it was just not a great day for me to take a 2.5 hour car trip. We were scheduled to take a rental car out of Termini Train Station (located in central Rome), but there was some sort of mishap in the scheduling, which resulted in sitting in Termini for half an hour. Now the thing about Termini is it’s a nice train station, and is so big it could pass for an airport. But they play the same jingle , absolutely no variation. So when they would make an announcement over the intercom, they would start the entire song over again, as if we’d forgotten the first verse. I assure you, we had not. the major headache that ensued was only curable with a comedy video off my iPod. No other remedy fits such strenuous conditions when traveling with family.

 Overall, I thought Rome was nice, with beautiful architecture, but I can’t wait to see what the rest of Italy has in store for us. As soon as our journey to Florence began, the scenery changed to flowing green hills with grape vineyards and sunflower fields. Around 3 pm we arrived in Florence, and the streets are twisted and confusing, but we’re trying our best to get our bearings.

We set out later on to go Geocaching, but no luck. (For those who don’t know what Geocaching is, it’s a world-wide “treasure hunt” via GPS.) We’ll probably try again tomorrow. We walked around Piazza di San Giovanni with a gorgeous cathedral in the center of it. There were people who were so moved by the massive church that they were crying.  

Cathedral in Florence

Cathedral in Florence

Then we went for dinner (pasta bolognaise was delish) and gelato. This time, we didn’t need to hunt for Wi-Fi because we have it right in the hotel!

Tomorrow looks promising in terms of weather and events, so I’ll write later tomorrow!



6 responses to “Firenze

  1. sounds fun! Was the gelato good? 🙂

  2. Neil finally figures out that replying to the email doesn’t work when someone has an auto-responder set up. (Neil says “Doh!” and talks about himself in the third person…)

    Your trip sounds fabulous. You just MUST visit a bike shop in Italy, one of the most fabled cycling countries in the world.

    For instant cred, mention the fabulous Marco Pantani (“Il Pirato”) who won both the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France in 1998. See this picture ( to understand why this legendary climber was dubbed The Pirate.

    Thank you for the wonderful updates.

  3. Hi Miss. Bibbins,

    I hope you are feeling better. I love the photos. Take lots of them.

    We miis you at UMAC …this morning I realized it was red stripe and the kids get 20 tickets for Summer Blast. I was like “Oh no, Miss. Bibbins where are you?” LOL

    Looking forward to your next journal entry.

    Sifu Rita

  4. Sounds gorgeous. Esp. the sunflower fields…

    Was the song playing in the train station “It’s a Small World…”? Cuz that would have been fitting!

  5. nilesandmaggie

    sending you wet sloppy dog kisses to make you feel better…

  6. I do hope you are feeling better…nothing that maybe a little gelato can’t fix?


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