Last Day in Venice

Friday was our last full day in Venice. After an early- and I mean EARLY- breakfast, we hopped on a water bus to Saint Mark’s Square to meet Marco, our tour guide (not the same one as our waiter the other day.) Marco the Tour Guide joked that every man in Venice is named Marco. We walked around Piazza San Marco, learning about the history, the politics, etc… He took a lot of pride in his city, despite the occassional flood in November, the fact that the government was looking to close three of the four major ports to the city, and many younger couples were moving to the newer parts of the city. Marco believes that they’ll miss the older, more familiar Venice and come back soon enough. Although slightly eccentric, I have toi admit he was very optimistic! One of the stops on our trip was to an old church in St. Mark’s Square. When we walked in, a guard started yelling at me and Rachel. We thought it was because we were taking pictures, but actually it was because our shouldres weren’t covered by our dresses. We had to but shoulder covers, which are a fancy word for over sized napkin. 90 degrees outside, 100+ degrees inside, and we have to wear shoulder napkins…not fun.

An hour later, we found ourselves enjoying gelato at Piazza San Marco, listening to a classical group of players. Buying our way back along the pier, we took the water bus “home,” this time with no navigating troubles.

Dinner was liesurely, starting with melon and ham appetizers (a delicacy.) Dad had shrimp, but I’m allergic so I stuck to the ham and canteloupe. For actual meals, Rachel and I had pasta, and Dad had something soaked in octopus ink; beyond that I pretty much lost interest. It was a perfect way to end our trip; happy yet sad.

Our walk back was an endless search for a souvenier for Rachel. After that was a nice walk back to Hotel Gardena (we took tons of pictures!)

The flight home was long, including the six hour stop over in Frankfurt. It was good to be home, although we instantly missed the everyday adventure of a new country.

Well it’s been an amazing trip, and thanks again to all who commented, or supported me for this trip! i’m looking forward to more future posts! 🙂


3 responses to “Last Day in Venice

  1. Lance and Carol

    We too are really happy you are back on USA soil; but also so pleased you had such a great time. Look forward to seeing more photos and hearing more.

    Love, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. mmm, shoulder napkins. I wonder if this concept has legs…

    so glad you are home, so glad you had a wonderful trip.


  3. Welcome back to the USA. Although I would have loved to come visit, we would have missed you if you had decided to stay in Italy.

    We really appreciate the updates. We almost felt like we were there — except for no gelato!

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