A First Time for Everything

It’s no secret that there’s a first time for everything. Once you endure something once, the hard part is over, and the novice that goes in, can say they are now somewhat experienced. Like, for example, starting high school, or cross country.

I’ve been looking forward to high school since I was a little girl. My babysitters would come over here and there, but they all had one thing in common when they did come (besides the incessant need to text while playing with Rachel and me):  they all brought their homework to work on after we went to bed. I know it sounds weird to look forward to, of all things, homework, but something about the independence of doing your own homework, and studying from your own textbooks, seemed so sophisticated.

And so, I’m finally here, and enjoying every minute of high school life. Which then leaves cross country. I haven’t done a sport other than martial arts since I quit soccer in 3rd grade, so I was a little unsure what to expect. The main reason I joined was so I could be a part of something going into high school. But I hadn’t expected the team aspect to be as powerful as it is. The captains are so supportive of everyone on the team- not just the freshmen, but returning members too. Not to mention, the other members of the team are so motivational, helping every one of their peers to finish the 4 mile run we did on the first day, despite how hard it was.

Overall, cross country is turning out to be even better than I imagined it could be. Not just the teammates, but the sport itself too. I’m learning to set goals for myself in my running. It’s something I can see myself doing throughout high school.

So there’s a first time for everything, that’s a given. Now it’s just a matter of balancing school, martial arts, cross country, band, homework, babysitting, and my new hobby of carbo-loading for cross country. Not to mention the photo club and school magazine I want to join…maybe even Model UN? On top of that, where do I fit in time for my family, friends…and myself? I’m still taking suggestions on that one if anyone’s interested.


The Busy-Body of the Ninth Grade


4 responses to “A First Time for Everything

  1. So glad the transition to high school was painless… it only gets better from here.

    Much love —

  2. Do they have any horticulture groups? Sounds like you want/need help in pruning! Seriously, you might want to step back and draw up your own rating list against which you could then rate each activity on a scale of 1 to 10. Add up the ratings and let the activities pick themselves. “Quality Time” might be a candidate for your rating list, and “Continuity” throughout your High School experience possibly another. Reading between the lines of your own blog may yield candidates for that list such as Physical Activity and Group Support .


  3. Man, I just woke up to read about your schedule and I’m exhausted – heading back to bed for a nap! With all that going on I’m all the more impressed with that time you turned in… Sorry I have no suggestions on time-slicing all of that, but like long-distance running I think it will come along with practice!

    (BTW I just saw the movie Julie & Julia, about a woman who got a famous writing career out of blogging about her life – guess who I thought of?)


  4. I’m so excited for you! Glad to hear you love it and sounds like it’s expanding your horizons, which is always a good thing. Saw a pic of you running – you looked great!

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