Fast Times at the Fair

Yesterday was the first day of the Topsfield Fair, and while I’m sure many of you will get in at least one day of the fair in the upcoming week, I’d like to say a bit about my fair experience.

It’s been a tradition for a few years now in my family that  “Auntie Lala” as we like to call her, comes down to share a wonderful evening on the first fair night with us. Laura isn’t actually our aunt, more like a close family friend, but she’s Rachel’s godmother, and was dubbed “Lala” long before we met her. The great part about Lala’s visits is we know if Lala’s coming, there’s something sweet in it for us. Sometimes it’s words of wisdom, a great laugh, time with her fun-loving dog Daisy, or in some cases, like yesterday, it was Candy Corn. Many people don’t aren’t , and I can tell you it is still as delicious as ever!

Anyway, Rachel and I were anxiously waiting for the adults to put on their layers: socks, then sweaters, then coats, then windbreakers, then raincoats. Between their constant reminders to us to: “Bundle up!”, which we quickly waved away, I’m sure they each threw on a parka at some stage of the layering. I assure you: there is some logic to wearing only sneakers, jeans, and a North Face when attending such a big event, but I’ll revisit this later.

We finally arrived at the Fair, and Lala and I had to laugh at the boy who found it necessary to crawl under the fence to avoid the ticket-taker, on a night when Topsfield residents get in for free. How do you spell “IRONY”?

The appetizer for the night began with German fries for Lala, Scott, and Mom, followed by corn on the cob. I dove right in for chicken fingers with fries, while Rachel went for the ever-favorite hot dog. Between the three adults, I think I saw a steak bomb and tuna sandwich go down. Of course, these were followed by Learned’s apple crisp and fried dough. Does it get any better than fair food? 😉

We later split off from the adults after our annual ferris wheel ride, to go find our friends. Rachel didn’t have so much luck in the labyrinth of games and rides, but we soon found some of my friends, who were happy to have her join us.

It’s hard to hold your dignity in the Midway when you’re walking around like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or Randy Parker from A Christmas Story, which is why Rachel and I refused to dress properly. There is a pecking order that’s to be followed when the teenagers come out at night at the fair. No line jumping, keep your head down, only wave to people you’re sure you know, and don’t get caught up in the jostling, pulling, and tugging of the craziness. This is probably why parents stay away from the Midway when 6 pm rolls around: even more of a reason for teens to flock to this one area of the grounds.

The lines were incredibly long, and it took the patience of my friends and my sister to make up for the lack of mine in the biting wind chill. We went on a total of three rides before we called it quits, and returned to the family for some more strolling around before that time when your eye lids become so heavy with sleep, you know it’s time to leave.

We ended the night with fudge and fireworks, a great combination to an awesome evening.

The week ahead looks pretty crazy as well: Rachel’s dance troupe performing, my martial arts school demoing, and taking shifts at the church fair booth, selling turkey dinners.

I can’t believe the fair is here again, and in a blink of an eye it will be gone. For me, this is my internal clock. A year measured at the Fair.


One response to “Fast Times at the Fair

  1. Lance and Carol

    GREAT description of the Fair; sorry the weather was less than cooperative but as Grandpa always says, “The worse the weather, the better the company!”

    We’ll hope for better the rest of the week.

    Grandma (Carol)

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