Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!…uh I mean Happy Holidays.

I hope you are all having a nice vacation. I know I am! Bouncing around from Christmas celebration to celebration, there’s a lot of excitement in our household. But no worries, so far it’s all been positive.

For an update, Rachel and I are in a minor prank war. It started with a harmless joke on my part, and escalated to the classic “prop the chair under the doorknob” prank. There’s never a dull moment where we are. 🙂 But Rachel better watch where she steps now… little does she know that she’s dealing with the master.

Besides that, Dad, Rachel, and I are off to New York City tomorrow morning. We’re seeing “Billy Elliot” on Broadway, and doing our usual cruising around the city: sneak in a trip to FAO Schwarz, walk through Central Park, and visit the Today Show. It’s a great family tradition, one of those experiences you never forget. Included: Rachel whining EVERY year over dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant, Mint, because she would rather spend her trip eating New York style pizza. Ah well, we win some we lose some.

I should probably be signing off right about now– my day begins around 5 am tomorrow, and there’s still so much packing to be done on my part, and playing around with my new gifts (included: Nikon D300 🙂 ) So Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year!!!


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