2K10: Here We Come

Every year we experience the same pressures about New Year’s Resolutions. “This year I pledge to…lose weight, eat a balanced diet, exercise more, fall in love, etc.” (I know those may be gender specific, but bear with me here.) But why is it, that after 365 days, resolutions fall to the back burner among a sea of other, more urgent, tasks and errands? Where has the initial spark that lit the Fire of Ambition under of our butts gone?

If you ask me, it’s simply a matter of goal-setting. Seeing your destination at the peak of a mountain, and taking the necessary paths to get there. You’ll need the proper tools to get there (Lord knows you can’t do it alone), whether it be the guidance of a friend or in this literal sense, a backpack and hiking boots. Sure, you might stumble and fall; in fact that part’s nearly inevitable. But as someone wise once told me, in an indirect fashion, “You need to train your inner voice to scream at you! Get up! Get up! Get up now! Walk, breathe, dust yourself off.”

So here’s to all of the goal-setters and goal achievers out there. This is THE year. OUR year. 2K10 belongs to us. Dust the troubles, sorrows, and moments that might have slipped away in 2009 off your clothes, and embrace every dream that lies at your fingertips, waiting for you to reach out and grab them in 2010. As NIKE says: “Just do it.”

2010 here we come.


5 responses to “2K10: Here We Come

  1. I’ve been re-reading your note for inspiration, and I’m almost there … to the exit ramp outside the village that’s within sight of the base of that really high mountain. So Thanks!

    Oh, and whoever said Youth is wasted on the young sure hasn’t read your posts!

  2. the inner voice contributed to that marvelous photo; thanks!


  3. Great post.

    I’ll go first: in 2010 I will to be TALLER.

    Kidding, of course, but there’s a good article at Lifehacker (http://lifehacker.com/5437929/top-10-mind-hacks-for-making-your-resolutions-stick) on keeping resolutions. Interesting ideas.

    Here’s mine: I will reset the odometer on my road bike today and resolve to ride 3K miles in 2010. You can check with me on my birthday next year to see how I did…if I make it that far.

  4. so true…so true. Great motivstional piece…sweetie….#2 🙂

  5. bluepaperjournal

    Yes madam, just do it 🙂

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