Creativity, England, and the Vast Expanse Between

When I was a kid, imagination used to soar to new heights every day, with my sister Rachel. We could be anyone or anything we wanted to be. Characters out of the show Lizze McGuire, or spies from various assorted cartoons and movies were our favorites. There were also times when we’d build forts out of blankets and stacked chairs, and hide out in our “Girls Clubhouse: No Boys Allowed.”

Everything around us was spontaneous and creative: an adventure. Rachel and I never had video games or the computer addiction that most kids (as young as seven and up) have now. But we didn’t need that.

We could turn on our spy device from the latest Scholastic Book Fair we’d bought with a few bucks, and spy on Dad and Elizabeth over dinner, with Jane close in toe. We’d make secret potions of anything we could find in the kitchen cupboards, and the bathroom cabinets. That was our entertainment: simple, and we were content.

In history class on Friday, we watched a video on education and creativity, as told by Sir Ken Robinson. I highly recommend it (posted below.) Robinson was knighted in England for his ideas on education, and rightfully so. A brilliant man, with many inspiring thoughts to share, with a hint of witty humor.

Tonight, Ann, Caroline, my mom, Rachel and I will be flying to England to spend the week in London. Another girls’ getaway awaits us on that 7:10pm flight, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories to share with all of you when I come back.

I think it’s interesting how when I was a kid, all I had to do was look around my back yard for a hint of inspiration. Now, the five of us are flying “across the pond” in search of a vacation. Well, for me, it’s more of a hunt of a new environment; an attempt to not get drawn into the Tri-Town’s circus tent of fun houses, mirrors, and flawed logic.

When I was eight, all this could have been cleared up with a flashlight, a flawless architectural design of blankets, couch cushions, and a highly exclusive sign posted outside our man-made tent. Now, we de-stress by travelling thousands of miles and putting six hours time difference between us and our problems. Hmm…interesting isn’t it?

While I highly doubt I’ll run into Sir Ken Robinson overseas, because nowadays he’s partial to California, it may be worth listening to his speech below– I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on his:


One response to “Creativity, England, and the Vast Expanse Between

  1. That’s it…. let’s make a Girl’s Only fort right here, right now!

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