UK Day 1

It’s almost 10am Britain Time, which means it’s almost 5am back home. NOTE: British mornings don’t suck any less than Boston mornings. In fact, I think they suck more. But hey, that might be the jet lag speaking.

Sunday night, the five of us boarded the plane to London, anticipation running high among the group for what London may have in store for the girls. We were fed an assortment of rolls, cardboard potatoes, and stringy meats for supper, and after our semi-uncomfortable “naps” (as much as we could fall asleep in such close quarters), we had warm croissants, courtesy of American Airlines.

Over-tired, and guaranteed smelly, we got off the plane at 130am (or so our bodies believed;around 630 British time) and had our first interaction with the British natives! (Trust me- it was that big a deal if you had been there to see our excitement at being anywhere but on a plane.) Yes! Our first experience in Britain was at customs. A hot room packed high and low with our closest non-American speaking pals. We were not happy campers.

From there the day got progressively worse as we raced around to find the Underground that would take us to Green Park… We found it folks. With 20 stops between where we were and where we needed to be- it might’ve been ideal to squeeze in a power nap. But Caroline’s suitcase was used as a chair for those who weren’t as lucky as us to grab actual seats, and it soon became apparent that naps weren’t on the agenda.

Next stop: Green Park! No, AFTER that- Starbucks! Rachel and Caroline found time and enough table space to nap while mom and Ann drank caffeine. Well, coffee, but at thAt point it was a race to slurp up the caffeine.

Off to our apartment (yes- apartment 🙂 ) where we met Peter the owner/handyman, who told us we had a few hours to kill before our place would be ready. I swear- initially we WERE going to tour the city… But four of us fell asleep on the lobby couches, save for mom who was left watching over us, waiting for the final word on when our apartment would be ready.

When it was, all five of us took real naps on real beds that (for the week) really belonged to us. We napped til 3pm, when mine and Caroline’s stomachs craved burgers. We set out on an adventure in the “you’re gonna wanna know you’re way around here” part of town, avoiding the Saudi Arabian Embassy (they have machine guns carrying men- just out o the street!) Finally we found a tavern, nearly empty, with delicious burgers, and even better Ginger Beer! (Ginger ale haha.)

From there we went to Buckingham Palace, took a few pictures, walked around, and decided to go grocery shopping for the upcoming week. We shopped like kings (or queens I guess)…full packs of Twix bars, smoothie juice, and coffee all round!

We returned to the apartment, tired once again, and watched episode after episode of Judge Judy and The Cube (it’s like the British version of Minute to Win It. Never seen that either? Okay, it’s a game show.)

Ann took one for the team and sought out a showering Peter for the wifi code so we all could connect to the world outside of our British four-bedroom apartment. Eh, such is life.

Once again, we all retired to bed. And that brings us to now 1030am British time. Im told I was the only one to sleep through the night, by mom and Ann. Rachel and Caroline,still sleeping, makes for a silent and peaceful morning, save for the few cars rushing by outside the apartment. Knowing that the real excitement will begin once those two wake, and we can all hit the city once again, I took this time to blog. I’m very thankful to a friend of mine who lent me his iTouch for this trip so I can keep in touch.

For now, cherio!


4 responses to “UK Day 1

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  2. Are you sure you couldnt have brought me with you???!!! im loving reading theses posts so keep them up! miss you hon!!!! say hi to rach and mom for me!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Wow, I really love the way you write. It’s very easy to read and, I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but you made me smile/chuckle a few times. Being a Londoner, myself, I know how badly our mornings suck! Hope the rest of your trip goes well! Oh, visit the Haagen Daz restaurant in Leicester Square – their desserts are to die for! xx

  4. Cheers Bibbins,

    I got your email!

    Looks like you will be well rested for a big day of exploring London today.

    Can’t wait to hear what you did today.

    Mr. Mahoney

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