UK Day 3…Frogger

Let me just start out by saying: Keep your eyes open in London!!! Otherwise, you may end up playing human Frogger amidst the taxis and Hop-on Hop-off buses. Just ask Ann, who nearly became a hood ornament while trying to take a picture of a street sign…in the middle of the street. At every crosswalk, there’s “Look Left” and “Look Right” painted on the street. That hasn’t stopped me yet from looking habitually both ways.

Anyway, it’s starting to sink in now that tomorrow is our last day here. We got a late start today, around the crack of noon. Half of us are suffering from head colds or some kind of illness, so that put a bit of a damper on the already drizzly afrernoon. We then walked down to the Piccadilly Line and took it over to Westminster.

Right out of the Underground, we stood bewildered beneath Big Ben and the conjoined Parliament Building. Everything was busy, and we seemed to be at the center of it all as we made our way over to Westminster Abbey.

In the ticket line, mom and Ann flawlessly convinced the cashier woman that the five of us were a “family” in order to get the discounted price in the Abbey. A confused look from the woman was all it took for Ann and mom to put on their full act as a gay couple– Ann wrapped her arm around mom and mom went along with the act. With stiffled laughs from their three children (from three separate donor fathers we decided) we were into the Abbey for a mere 38 pounds. But Rachel, Caroline, and I were sufficiently creeped.

The hour and a half self-guided tour was very neat. A lot of history between church ands state, with tributes to great writers such as William Shakespeare and Jane Austen.

After the tour, our stomachs carried us to Leicester Square, to the pub Two Chairmen. Get this- apparently kids aren’t allowed in the pub after 6, but they dont start serving food til 6. We were not happy children, until we found Prezza. DELICIOUS!

Finally, we raced to the theater district to see The Phantom Of The Opera- an absolutely brilliant musical. I highly recommend it if you’re an avid theater-goer.

Overall, a great day. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!


One response to “UK Day 3…Frogger

  1. Bibbins, C and L

    Shoot, should have thought to tell you about the changing of the guard at night at (I think) the Tower. Something else, as I recall.

    Sounds like a grand trip; can’t wait to see your fotos.


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