UK Day 4…”Mind the Gap!”

Our last day in London…geez. I’ll drop a cliché on you all here– “Time flies when you’re having fun.” That’s true–we had nothing but laughs and good times here in London. Well, that and heavy eyelids.

Caroline and I couldnt fall asleep until at least 3am this morning. Maybe that’s due to our naps til noon, never giving our bodies enough time to adjust to the time change. No matter, I was up at 8 to get a haircut. Something about getting your hair done at a London (or international) salon has much appeal to a teenage girl. Afterwards, Mom and I headed back to the apartment to wake the others, and we headed to the Underground to travel to our first of many destinations of the day, where “Mind the Gap!” became the choral theme song of the afternoon. Not before we hit up he local Starbucks, and I was stranded at the counter trying to differentiate between a bag of Pence and Pounds.

Stop One– Camden Town. The hairdresser suggested this town for “funky flea markets and trinkets.” Here’s another cliché for you– “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” What might have classified as trendy to the kind hairdresser, was just plain strange to the five if us, and we felt a bit out if place. The changing rooms were sketchy if existent, and we ended up getting only a sweatshirt for Rachel. Mom tried bargaining the sweatshirt from £25 down to £20, and a smile crossed the face of the vendor as he realized the game mom was trying to play. The idea of my mom- the overly kind Midwesterner- trying to bargain at a foreign flea market was so comical to me, I had to turn away. It was too painful to watch without dying in the hilarity. She ended up getting the sweatshirt for £23. Hm.

Stop Two– Tower of London. We took a tour (sort of) of the Tower of London, despite the protests of Caroline, Rachel, and myself. The reason why I say sort of is while we intended to take the full hour tour, we all gave up and went to see the Crown Jewels on our own. A beautiful place, and very neat to see the Palace Guards. BUT if you ever make your way over to the Tower, don’t get roped into the White Tower, be careful that you may never make it out…within a reasonable timeframe.

Stop Two and a Half–The Globe Theater. Okay, we didn’t actually go. But we meant to! But time limitations and Caroline’s grumbling stomach pushed us on to out final destination.

Stop Three– The London Eye. We procrastinated dinner just a bit longer with kettle corn and with FastTrack cards in hand, boarded the magnificent ferris wheel. Placing credit where credit is due, Rachel was the one who recommended we go when the sun was setting. Boy was she right! Absolutely beautiful view…amazing.

Fourth (and final) Stop–dinner! We ate in an Italian restaurant (called Andruzzo I think… Or something like that.) The food was great, as we all thought back to our previous girls getaways, and where we want to go next. The unnamed restaurant was underneath the Underground, and we had a feeling it was a subway station in a former life. Very cool!

And now, we’re home at he apartment, once again. Our favorite Judge Judy isn’t on tonight (although she’s always been dependable since we’ve been here) we’ve been watching British shows like TV Burp, Celebrity Juice, and Mock the Week. As if the names don’t say enough, there are F bombs dropping everywhere. Funny, yet shocking. But we found yesterday’s American Idol airing for the first time in the UK tonight!

Well, off to bed. We have an early flight tomorrow, and to tell you the truth, I’m a tad home sick. If I had to do this trip again, I’d definitely make more time for sight seeing. Hopefully I’ll be able to make my way out here once again. Anyone else thinking Semester at Sea?



2 responses to “UK Day 4…”Mind the Gap!”

  1. Bibbins, C and L

    Yess, Semester at Sea might be worth a thought. Best to test your resistance to sea-sickness first tho—and ask you-know-who about other things to keep in mind. Enjoy your last day and be sure you have your passports in hand.


  2. This has been a great series of articles. Sounds like a fun trip.

    Um, “TV Burp?” I could use Google to find out what the show is, but I’m enjoying thinking about what it could possibly be…

    Safe travels.

    Uncle Neil

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