Australia Day 2

“Every day becomes a fight to beat the Asian tourists to the sights.” Matt’s words, not mine. But with that in mind, we loaded a bus bright and early to a viewing point of Sydney Harbor. We saw the Opera House and Bridge. After, we drove to Bondi Beach where we took group photos in our school shirts. Talia used her new school shirt. to understand what a relief this is, you have to know what happened earlier this morning.


After breakfast, prior to taking the bus, we went to our rooms to grab our Masco shirts we’d gotten for free for going on the trip. We were going to take a group photo at the beach. Talia’s was kept with her wet swimming gear in her luggage, and it was still damp. Being the geniuses we are, we hung  her shirt on the lamp, and turned the light on. Kids: If your parents ever warn you not to put things on or near a lamp, listen to them!

We were lucky that Jennie saw the flames and smelled the smoke in time. She grabbed the shirt and stomped out the flames. To Talia’s horror, a giant hole was burned front to back in her shirt. Panicking about repercussions with the hotel and our teachers, we fanned the room, and posted the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. We told our teachers, fessed up to our stupidity, and thankfully they had another shirt for the group photo.


Anyway, we lost Matt at Bondi, and waited for him to come back to the bus to take us to the Opera House. When he did, we drove down Oxford Street, the most well known gay street in all of Sydney. We finally got to the Opera House and were able to see P.Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. We walked to the wharf, home to didgeridoo street musicians.

We walked to the Rocks, a district of Sydney packed with the little eateries that were good enough to write home about. Splitting into little groups, my group went to a little cafe with a patio out back and a deli up front. We ordered delicious sandwiches, then got gelato next door. Yes, that’s right. The gelato fad is back!

From there, we took a cruise out of the marina (more like an extended ferry ride) where I developed a severe need for Dramamine.

We went to the Sydney Wildlife World, which was mediocre at best, followed an even worst dinner in their cafeteria. But all that couldn’t bring down our high energy for what was to come later.

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel, painted our faces blue, and spray painted our hair blue too. Then, Matt paraded us, The Smurfs, to a local bar/lounge where we camped out to watch the rugby game. The tension everyone in the club felt watching the big screens was tangible. Unfortunately, the blues lost that night.


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