Australia Day 3

Today we drove to Featherdale Wildlife Park. This was much different from the place we visited yesterday. Here, we got to pet koalas and feed kangaroos.

When we were animal-ed out, we drove to the University of Sydney. The campus  is beautiful and I want to study abroad here. We went for Thai food near campus, per Matt’s suggestion, to live a day in the life of a college student. Then we wrapped our tour up, like all tours prior to this one, by visiting the gift shop.

We took the subway to Paddy’s, the local flea market. The market was so huge, it would take days to cover it, and that’s only if you manage to not get lost. Otherwise, you’re looking at spending weeks there. Using my super navigation skills and a small map we’d been given, I guided Talia and I through the city back to the hotel. I still have no idea how I was able to manage that.

We made a meal of Tim Tams in front of the TV– a Simpsons night. Then we checked in with chaperones, and everyone went out to get smoothies and Chinese food. Feeling a bit “under the weather,” I stayed in for the night.


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