Australia Day 4

Last night Ms.Beekley (my English teacher, and one of the trip coordinators) called my room around 10pm to gossip. We talked for a good hour, about my life and some things going on for me, and my thoughts on the trip so far. Definitely a perk to a sleepless night.

This morning Matt took us to Starbucks to have the real Tim Tam Experience. Caramel Macchiatos in hand, we bit the ends off the cookies, absorbed the coffee, and let the amazing treats melt in our mouths.

Then Ms.Beekley and I walked back to the hotel while everyone else headed to the aquarium or to climb the bridge. Not this girl.

I had planned to go to the State Library to see the free photo exhibit, courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald and World Wide Press ’11. The Sydney photos were beautiful and helpful to understand the Australian culture. The World photos were graphic and eye-opening. Too graphic for Beeks, so I continued through the exhibit with Sabrina (another student who joined us.)

Then, we went to the Australian Museum to see the Aboriginal Exhibit. I didn’t know the aborigines didn’t gain full rights until 1969. It reminded me a lot of the movie we watched in seventh grade called “Rabbit Run Fence.” It was related to the Australian unit we were covering at the time.

The three of us walked back to the hotel to pick up Erica (who has been battling a fever this week) and took the subway to the Rocks, and went to the same cafe we’d gone to a few days earlier. The four of us talked about our trip thus far, compared other tour groups, and talked about Masco as a whole. We then went to get ice cream, til I pointed out a cockroach on the parlor floor, which made us lose our ice cream appetite.

We then booked it to the Sydney Opera House on the other side of the Harbor for our tour. The House was beautiful, shaped like sails of a ship and seashells, all designed in one. My favorite part was sitting in one of the concert halls, deathly silent, as we listened to the harpsichord being tuned on stage.

After the tour, we subway-ed our way back to the hotel, just before dinner. We walked to dinner as a group, led by the fearless Matt, to the Blackbird Cafe. Don’t let the name throw you off. Blackbird Cafe, was a club. Dim lights, house music, music videos, and neon lights, this was definitely a club.

We walked back to the hotel, flying high with excitement for celebrating our last night in Sydney.


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