Rotorua Day 2

Today we woke up at what we thought was 7:10, 40 minutes past our alarm. We hurried to get ready, quickly answered our late wake-up call, and ran down for breakfast. To our surprise, we were the only ones there. Little did we know, our clock was 20 minutes ahead, and I had forgotten to change the time on the alarm…Shh!!

We headed out into the cold sulfur weather, bright and early, toward the awaiting duck boats. Yes, that’s right. We traveled halfway around the world to take a duck ride tour. We learned about “Rachel’s Springs”, named after the woman who discovered silica is good for the skin. These springs are 100 degrees Celsius, 212 degrees Fahrenheit. According to our tour guide, Daffy (yeah, you heard me), the springs are great for swimming, assuming your plan is to swim once, and only once, ever again, very quickly…

The ducks were built during World War Two and were the first amphibious vehicles…you learn something new every day right? We went in two lakes, one called Blue Lake because the pumice at the base of the lake reflected blue in the sunlight. The other lake was called Green Lake.

The ducks dropped us off at the Jade Factory where we watched jade being carved and I bought earrings for Mom. We loaded the bus after and drove to the gondola ride that took us to the top of a mountain–keep in mind, it’s the middle of winter in New Zealand. There, we went on luge runs: SO FUN. Something struck me about racing down the mountain–while I probably could get this anywhere at home, you can say you’ve done it in New Zealand only once.

Next stop: the Agrodome. We watched a sheep-shearing show. The narrator was funny as he sheared the sheep quickly and without hassle. He showed us 19 different kinds of sheep, milked a cow, herded geese with the help of his dog, and fed baby goats.

We got to take pictures with all the animals, then once again got on the bus for Agroadventure- a park with five extreme rides. I didn’t partake since it was freezing outside, and I really enjoyed the warmth of my North Face. Then to the hotel for relaxation.

Actually, my roommates and I hung around down town Rotorua for an hour or so while the other girls headed to the mud baths and mineral springs for their afternoon. We had a good time sprinting across a five lane highway…three times. We got dinner at Pizza Hut (I know, I know) and returned to the hotel room finally for some rest.


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