The 1920s and Now

Happy New Year! And all that happy hooey. For this year’s celebration, I was in Times Square in New York City to watch the ball drop. Rather, I was at the intersection of 42nd and 8th fighting for air with everyone else who thought it’d be a good idea to go to celebrate at that cross street. It wasn’t. We called it a night around 10pm, and headed back to the hotel to watch the ball drop. And let me tell you, never have I felt so content with a more wimpy decision.


As the parties grow to be more extravagant, and the wildness shifts from a qualitative measure of the company you keep to the quantitative measure of the masses, I can’t help but draw the correlation between the 1920s and now. The music is once again louder, the kids live fast, play hard, die young, and only God knows what’s up with their dancing. 😉

Similarly to the 20s, we’ve set apart ourselves from the “other guys.” Then, Xenophobia wasn’t all too uncommon. The fear of the foreign, the different, and the immigrant coursed through the veins of nativists and any other American for that matter. In order to feel a sense of unity, we create an “us” and a “them”. I see it everywhere I go: the dynamic between two groups, simply because that’s just the way it is. I encourage you to look for it, and see where this idea of cultural separation plays a roll in your life.

Okay, enough talk of an era-gone-by. Looking forward: I’m going to try to post bi-weekly if not weekly from this point on. If not a New Year’s resolution of my own, then call it a step in the right direction toward a career in journalism (if you will!) Feedback, as always, is appreciated. 🙂


3 responses to “The 1920s and Now

  1. A sobering, impressive statement. Remarkable to me because I am reading on a parallel with an adult enjoy it thoroughly. Subject and author give one a lot to ponder.


  2. what a great New Year’s kick-off topic to reflect on! now that you raised it, I wonder how far we might have been if we hadn’t wasted all that energy and money with white vs black, old vs young, north vs south (US, Korea, Vietnam, Indian sub-continent), conservative vs ultra-conservative (ha!) battles. any predictions on what next us-vs-them will sneak up on us – could it be the digi’s vs the ana’s now that ebooks are out-selling all classic media ( ?

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