Singing the Post-Vacation Blues

Guten Abend! So I’ve returned! Although, considering how infrequent my blog posts have become, most of you might ask, “From…where?”


As a part of my school’s exchange program, I flew to Germany for just over two weeks to live with my exchange student and her family. Lena had come to stay with me and my family in October for two weeks, and the bus ride from Berlin to Trier came with much anticipation. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. To set a good pace, I’ll post each day these next couple weeks about the days I spent in Europe. Maybe that way, I’ll ease out of my post-vacation blues gently, as I try and assimilate back into the ebb and flow of American life.


April 10th, 2012

We flew from Boston to Zurich, leaving at 10 pm. The goodbyes to loved ones at the airport were hurried and brief, as the nine of us were herded by our two chaperones towards security. The late night flight should have made for an easy sleep. However, our excitement was tangible (and audible to the annoyed adults sitting near us on the plane.) In those first moments on the plane, the dynamic of the group was in its infancy. Nine high school students were travelling to a foreign country together, and we had the ability to be the best or worst of friends if we so chose. That kind of satisfying feeling was enough to help me sleep during the six hour flight to Zurich, in complete comfortability. A quick stop over in Zurich was promptly followed by the final leg of our initial travel: an hour and a half flight to Berlin.


And that’s where I’ll leave you for now, more to follow tomorrow. 😉 Guten Nacht!


One response to “Singing the Post-Vacation Blues

  1. can’t wait for the details (the few i’ve heard so far tell me this is going to be a great “travels with mandi”-logue!)

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