Berlin’s Last Impression

April 13th, 2012

On this morning we woke up early, traveled to the Berlin Underground, and toured beneath the U-Bahn. The tour in the cold dark and cramped halls was tough to stomach for a claustrophobic me. Then Miriam led us blindly through Berlin to a courtyard, where we met Uta, the wordy tourguide, once more. In the rainy cold weather we toured several outdoor courtyards in Berlin and finally wound up at the Jewish quarter. Uta explained the importance of the Jewish stumbling stones.

Uta’s long-winded tour next took us to the Turkish side of Berlin. Feling tired and moody, we couldn’t wait to break free of her in Alexander Platz, an outdoor market. Filled with honeys, meats, fruits, and souvenir trinkets, the place was buzzing with excitement in the brisk April air. Our next stop was the Fernsehturm, where we could see Berlin from 200 m in the air.

Our next stop was a cathedral with a beautiful organ playing music. That’s about the time in the group split up and decided to meet (under Frau Conklin’s direction) at seven for dinner, in the restaurant next to our hotel. Dinner was delicious Schnitzel and fries. Then we turned in for the night, ready to take Trier the next day!





3 responses to “Berlin’s Last Impression

  1. I’m really enjoying the daily updates. Wait, what’s a better word for updates in the past? Pastdates…? Thanks for keeping us pastdated.

  2. I love seeing Berlin! How long were you there for? What was your favorite stop?

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