Two Bridges

April 15th, 2012

This day I slept in until almost noon time. I attribute it to a late night the night before. 😉 When Lena finally woke me up, we had a delicious brunch before driving to Zweibrücken. Zweibrücken is a city an hour drive from Trier, and the name literally translates to “Two Bridges.” Why? No clue.

The city is well-known for its large outlet mall. Lena’s parents went in one direction when we arrived at the mall, while we went the other, and we wound up in ESPRIT. Women clawed and shoved to get a peek at the racks filled with discounted t-shirts, jackets, and purses. We waited half an hour in line for make-shift dressing rooms in the back of the large store, where curtains were either too short or too narrow, and privacy was really just a frame of mind. What an introduction to the culture, eh? Much like visiting Kittery, Maine for the best Sunday deals, we “shopped til we dropped.”

We met back up with Lena’s parents, and drove home, the three happy shoppers and one chauffeur. 😉

I apologize for the posts that lull, I have to tell the unabridged truth, memory for memory. 😀


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