Humboldt Gymnasium

April 18th, 2012

Today I went to school with Lena for the entire day. She had a 10 hour school day, which was long compared to the 5 hour days she’d been having. To break up the dullness of the day, I went to a sixth grade classroom to present a slideshow about “Where I’m From.” The presentation, per my teacher’s advice, had to say more than “The middle of nowhere.” With that, I talked about lobster, the beach, and other things characteristic of Massachusetts.

As I walked around the room helping the kids with their English, one boy asked me “Do you like baseball?” Psh, do I ever! Trying to speak simply, I replied “Of course!” He then asked me, “My dad’s favorite team is the Yankees, they’re the best. Do you like the Yankees?!” Trying to formulate the best response without expletives in my head, I replied “I know the Yankees, yes. But the Red Sox are my favorite.” His disappointment quickly turned into a coy smile as he looked me square in the eyes and said sternly, “No, Yankees!” I matched his stare, and retorted “Red Sox!” “Yankees!” “Red Sox!”

This continued for quite some time, as his coy smile melted into a beaming grin, knowing he had gained the attention of not just the American, but his classmates who were then giggling at the debate. I called it quits, having to walk away after a point. I told him I’d send him a box of Red Sox caps to distribute to his friends. I have yet to make good on that promise…

Later on in the day I went to a fifth grade classroom to watch kids in their first year of English perform mini-skits. A little too young to understand the humor in what they were performing, my classmates and I couldn’t stop laughing at their adorableness.

Lena’s final two hours of lessons were English. Finally! We watched The Truman Show…in English…with English subtitles. I was in Heaven. Overall? I’d say it was a successful school day!


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