A Friday Night Feeling

April 20th, 2012

This Friday I went to school with Lena, and the day proved to be simple and uneventful. The real story lies in my night.

After a delicious dinner of Spargel (asparagus) and prosciutto with sauce, Lena and I hit the town with some exchange friends. We bounced around from Kaufland, to Rosso, to one of Lena’s friends apartments, until we all called it a night around 4am. That’s when Lena and I retired to her Oma’s to sleep. Thankfully, her Grandma lives right in the city!

A lot of what happened that night I shouldn’t type. And so I’ll let it go unsaid. But my greatest conclusion of the night: if you read one of my earlier posts from Venice (it would have been 2009!), you may remember a certain reflection on the easy-attitude of Europeans. Well, 3 years later I’m here to make the same observation. Nothing is a rush, nothing is forced, but everything is relaxed and simple… Ready for the kicker?…

If you let it be!

Waltzing through Trier these past few nights has given me an air of weightlessness, just drifting and floating through the city streets at night. I am happy: truly happy. And have never been more content.

~As written by me that night

Maybe everyone thinks that way, but not everyone has had the opportunity to feel that way. And, at 17 years old, I’ve found it, twice? I truly am the most fortunate girl in the world.


One response to “A Friday Night Feeling

  1. Yes, you are an honorary Euro for sure! That’s an amazing feeling – I’m betting you’ll have that feeling in India (unless Shantaram has turned you off of traveling to Asia) because that’s where I first had that total in-the-moment experience.

    Oddly enough as I was reading your blog Cracker’s Euro-Trash Girl came on the iPod. Lots of Euro-moments in that song for sure – but hopefully none of them like the ones you redacted in your blog!


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