Saturday, Soccer, and Sewing

April 21st, 2012

Around 11:30 Lena and I rolled ourselves out of bed and ate breakfast with her Oma. Lena’s mom came to pick us up shortly after, and we dropped Lena at work downtown.

Lena’s mom and I then drove to one of the local fabric stores where she browsed for fabrics, buttons, and zippers. After that, we went grocery shopping followed by a quick trip home so I could change before a soccer match.

The game was a big one: it pitted one German exchange student against the other. The game also confirmed my previous notion that soccer, is in fact, a pointless sport. Second to curling.

One tiring ride home later, I was at Lena’s home relaying the facts of the game, as we sat down to dinner with her parents and her young nephew Ben. When I say young, I mean 2 years old. Even the baby spoke German.

I think I’ll take this time to set the dinner time scene for you. I’d grown accustomed to the language barrier: when I understood the beginning of the sentence or conversation topic, the rest would be worth listening to, or trying to figure out. However, if the topic and language were completely foreign, I had to turn my ears off and stop eaves-dropping to avoid frustration. It was a small way of “picking my battles.” When I was addressed directly, I’d smile politely and nod. When everyone laughed, so did I. It was more of a survival technique than anything else. The Trierish was difficult to pick up already, but even harder amidst a group of people so familiar with one another.

Post-dinner we journeyed again into the city, just walking around, enjoying the night. Like always, we ended up in McDonalds to satisfy our ice cream cravings, and went home shortly after.
That about wraps it up!


One response to “Saturday, Soccer, and Sewing

  1. I feel highly insulted that you didn’t mention your amazing translater!! 🙂 hope your good-amy

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