Just Tuesday

April 24th, 2012

It was time to tough out my cold: I got up early and went to school with Lena. While my classmates went swimming in the local pool, I had to stay in school, for fear that my already worsening cold would progress to pneumonia. Harrumph!

There’s an aspect to being the exchange student that is akin to the life of a goldfish. You can feel yourself being watched through the hallways, and the words “der Amerikanischer” didn’t fall on deaf ears. So, needless to say, being in school one more day while sick was a lot to handle.

After the school day was out, Lena and I walked around downtown Trier, and did some window shopping. It was nice to get the time to ourselves, as well as eating at Pasta Pasta. Lena’s work at ESPRIT came shortly after that, and Mrs. Kraiker came downtown to spend some time with me.

We drove to Luxembourg for cheap gas and chocolate, and having realized it was one of my last days in Europe, I panicked about not having gifts to take home for my family. As a result, we walked around the city more, and did gift shopping so I’d have small bobbles to take home. We talked about church, religion, family, and all our shared core beliefs over coffee. It was nice, and our initial language barrier hardly stood in the way anymore.

When we were done shopping, we picked Lena up from work, and went home. Mrs.Kraiker made the most delicious meal of fish and rice in a cream sauce. 😀

The rest of the night was Lena and I eating ice cream out of a tub and watching movies! Quite lovely indeed!


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