Syrian conflicts continue between government, rebels

Also from this week, at The Voice

The Simmons Voice

By Amanda Bibbins
Staff Writer

Syria has been the focus of international attention for months now, but among its list of political and military woes is President Bashar al-Assad regime’s new campaigns against rebel fighters.

The Syrian government is leading ground and air strikes against more than ten opposition fronts. These rebel groups do not include the threat presented by ISIS. With a coalition of countries including the U.S. now working to fight the Islamic State, the Assad government has turned its attention back to the rebel fighters that have presented a threat to the security of the regime for over 3 years.

This has caused confusion and concern as the United States aids the Syrian government in leading attacks against the Islamic State, where previously Assad was widely believed to be a war criminal. Some claim that the intervention to combat ISIS fighters has given the Assad regime more…

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