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These posts are about our experiences in Rome during our trip to Italy.

Reaching the End of Rome

Hello ice cream eaters! I have a new announcement: I have converted over to gelato. I think I’ll start a new religion about it 😉

Well after a delicious breakfast of croissants and juice, we headed off to the Colloseum. (And for those of you who read my last blog, no the dog did not respond to my dad’s attempts to make conversation.) The Colloseum was beautiful, along with the ancient ruins surrounding it. They’re doing many archaeological digs and excavations in that part of Rome, and I’d have to say it’s so far my favorite part of this trip.

The Colloseum

The Colloseum

Afterwords, we walked to the Spanish Steps (for lack of better modes of transportation.) They were huge, and after three days of nothing but walking, we didn’t have the energy to climb them to the top. Surprisingly, more people were congregated around the massive fountain in front of the steps as opposed to the steps themselves. There were lots of people sunbathing and relaxing.

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps

It’s truly amazing what you can see if you take a moment to relax. Something I’ve learned about Italy: the rush rush of American lifestyle is truly no way to experience life. I don’t know how I’ll be able to return to the packed schedule day-to-day; this feels very natural.

Sidenote: I conquered the elevator! All it took was a lot of willpower, and deep breaths in, out, in, out…

The Treacherous Elevator (about 2 feet wide)

The Treacherous Elevator (about 2 feet wide)

Oooh I hear fireworks in the distance! Not to mention we have an early day driving to Florence tomorrow, so I’ll write soon! Ciao!


Musei Vaticani

I can’t really tell you what happened in Rome yesterday morning. Mainly because I was asleep for it. But once I woke up at 12:30 pm, we rushed to the Vatican Museum (Musei Vaticani) for our private tour at 1:30 pm, croissants and Gatorade in hand. A stifling 90 degrees, and we were going to be stuck in a museum all day. That may have been what it felt like, but the tour guide (Maria) was knowledgeable, and we learned things we had never known before, such as:


This statue of Apollo was presented to one of the earlier popes as an original Greek statue. Later it was proved to be a replica because Romans carved in marble, and Greeks used bronze. This statue is of course marble. 

Giant Pinecone

Giant Pinecone

This may look like a giant pinecone, and that’s pretty much what it is. But this isn’t just any giant pinecone…when St. Peter’s Basillica was destroyed in order to build a newer, better one, all of the works of art were destroyed, except for a few (like this one) which were salvaged.
Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

 And finally, the Sistine Chapel…very impressive. Michelangelo painted this all by hand, alone. The scaffloding he had to build and move himself, and the only light was by the few candles he’d lit. Needless to say, he did this begrudgingly.



Also: I learned the history of the obelisks. When Egypt was a part of the Roman Empire, the Romans had the obelisks sent over, or something like that.

Later on it was a search for Wi-Fi, and we thought we had hit gold, but no luck 😦 So we grabbed dinner and dessert (pasta, roast beef, and “Babbette” cake) It was soooooo good. Walking back to the hotel, we were amazed to learn that as the sky got darker, the crowd got larger, and not just teenagers. All ages were out and about at 11:00 pm! There was no rush to get back, and it was a nice liesurely walk through the streets of Rome. 

Well Dad’s talking Italian to a dog, and my tummy says it’s gelato time, so I guess it’s time to go! Signing off from the internet cafe that plays Michael Jackson music 24/7, ciao!

When in Rome…


Yesterday was our first day in Rome. After our six hour flight, there was a mix of exhaustion and excitement as we landed in Frankfurt, Germany. I thougt I might try out my two years of German on the locals, but something I learned quickly was: they can smell tourists a mile away. So as I mustered up the courage for “Guten tag,” they were already asking how our day was, etc… Much disappointment 😦

Later on, we borded a second flight that took only 1.5 hours, but wasn’t as comfortable. At one point Rachel asked me what “Lufthansa” meant in German, and I told her “big plane, no legroom.” (It might as well have been.)

When we landed at 9:00 am local time, jetlagged and all, we were picked up by a local who spoke no English whatsoever (that was interesting.) Now imagine a painter’s pallate with all the colors swirled together. That’s pretty much what we saw on our drive to Hotel Diplomat. At 150 km/hr, you don’t see much of an image, just a whole bunch of color.

The hotel was beautiful, but that elevator can test the least claustrophbic of types. It fits a maximum of 3 people, but I took the stairs. My goal: to ride that elevator at least once while here.

After a long awaited nap, we went for lunch. I got a salad with buffalo cheese and smoked salmon.

Usually I wouldn’t try this, but two things were going on here. 1.) When in Rome, do as the Romans do. 2.) They weren’t serving pizza til dinner.

Later on, we walked around, and poked our head into little shops (and got gelatto!) We also took tons of pictures at a piazza downtown. It was absolutely beautiful! There was a huge obelisk in the center- veryyy strange.

Afterwords, we grabbed pizza at a pizzeria (yumm!!!) It was exactly how you would expect homemade Italian pizza to be, only better!

Fact  of random knowledge: Don’t get up to ask for the check- you will get scolded as we did!

Well I think I’m gonna turn in for the night; it’s 10:30 here!