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Painting the Town _______ <—(the color of the roof of the house at 18 Maine Avenue)

Today we spent the day in Maine with my godmother, Ann, and her family at their beach house. Although I guess you could say they’re our family too since we’re all as close as can be, without being blood relatives. Anyway, it’s a beautiful house right in the center of all the action in Ocean Park. We try to get up there a few times over the course of the summer with the Price/Handley family to spend a little time at the beach, downtown, and catching up.

When we arrived the night before, Caroline warned us that the next day’s events were to be even more fun-packed than past trips to Maine- if that’s even possible! 🙂 We were going to do a scavenger hunt around town.

Everyone went to sleep preparing themselves for the events to come; there might be a violent tooth-and-nail fight to the death between the three teams for the finish. But then again, when the prize is ice cream sundaes all-round, a friendly competition is that much more likely.

This morning is when the brainstorming began. We all contributed questions, except for Evan who decided he’d rather sleep all day… and I mean ALL day. We were all shocked when Ann, who appeared sick in the early morning, contributed a whopping 8 questions. I think she was using the element of deception to trick us all 😉

Don was my partner, and when the games began, we plowed through town meeting new people, asking questions, and learning new things. Let me tell you- some people are VERYYYY long winded, but it was fun overall.

Yep, it was fun, up until the point where we went into the general store downtown, asking after Lisa’s black dog. As it turns out, Lisa (who is the owner of the store) doesn’t have a black dog. Anymore. Yes, ladies and gentleman, Toby the black dog in the picture at the general store died a while ago. Thanks to Ann for that question. Other adventures included: walking into porta-potties in the park (Ann swore they were “bath houses”) looking for paper towels. All we gained from that one was a couple sheets of toilet paper and one very grossed-out Amanda. Too much detail?

Later on, we had to find the color of the roof of the house at 18 Maine Avenue (which is red by the way, hence the title of this blog.) We put up with a very grumpy town-hall worker. Don soaked his sock in the ocean and tried to pass it off as “an abandoned article of clothing found at the beach.” We even asked a random guy in his late teens/early twenties if he had a Twitter, then requested his Twitter account name so Ann could follow him. That was of course a bonus question, courtesy of Ann, and now soxfan0522 has 4 followers as opposed to the 3 he had before he met us. Pretty creepy, huh?

Well the race finished around 2pm, and I think we laughed so much we didn’t even pick a winner. But we all got ice cream anyway, so it was worth it all the way.

A perfect way to spend one of the last few days of summer we have!