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April 17th, 2012

Today we took the train to Luxembourg. Like Disney World, it reminded me of a cute little world nestled in the real world. Luxembourg has 3 hills, each one dedicated to the different styles of architecture, and the different eras of Luxembourg’s considerably short history.

We toured the newer city first, with a crazy old man as our guide. Maybe crazy’s too harsh a term to describe him…let’s go with “eccentric.” Our eccentric guide told us how there was a direct correlation between when Americans stopped smoking cigarettes and when we started losing wars. Moral of the story? Smoke cigarettes: only the true winners smoke. Not the advice I’m used to hearing at 17 years of age…

Following our brisk tour of the city, we walked to the old castle and toured there. The fortresses enveloping the city state were unbelievable, and to this day are beautiful. The hills and villages and solitude of the area made for a silent and solemn atmosphere, as our journey continued. It reached a point where I couldn’t wait to leave the tri-lingual country, the chilling environment was too eerie.

When we finally went back, I met Lena after her work was done, and we went into town with the other students to watch the soccer game, Bayern vs. Real Madrid. Now that was an incredible atmosphere!